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From Bob Hunter

Dear Lisette, we were very saddened to see the notice of your father’s passing. Though I never felt that I knew him well, I always enjoyed the times with him. And I especially remember some very fun parties in our two yards.

Remembering the time that we were both at the University of Virginia, I can well believe there must have been some difficult times for him. But he always showed great dignity and a great sense of humor. His success in his career attests to his quality.

I was glad to see that you and he had been able to travel together in recent years. Knowing the special place that daughters have with their fathers, I know those trips must have been very special for him. And I hope they gave you memories to hold onto during this difficult time.

We have a beautiful photo by Will hanging in our kitchen, so I often think of your family when I see it. Our best to you all, with hopes for a better 2021.