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From Erica Hunter

Leslie reached out to tell me Bill had recently passed so I wanted to reach out. I realize that I didn’t really “know” Bill as he was once living as his fully authentic self, or the kind of relationship you ultimately had with him in adulthood, but when I picture your dad in my memory he has a wide open smile and a warm laugh and a goofy sense of humor. I remember his gold necklace and his hip clothes, his Alfa Romeo and the tenor of his voice and his amazing record collection – all the antithesis of my dad, so impressively radical and awesome in my young eyes. Your father was kind to me at an incredibly awkward yet formative stage in my life and made me feel welcome at your home so I am truly saddened to hear that he is no longer with you. 

Aside from the unhappy news, Leslie’s message provoked a flood of very fond memories. Those of our friendship and the times I spent with you, Bill and Mariette and the cats. 

I hope you, Will and Zane are doing well aside from the inevitable sadness, and are able to stay safe in these uniquely trying times. 

​With condolences, love and warmest regards to you all.