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From Michael Reading

I am saddened to hear the news of Bill’s passing. Thank you for this website in order to learn more about Bill as well as to spend a moment to remember and honor him.

I am honored to say that I knew Bill professionally, which turned into a personal connection as well. Prior to my current role as Chief of Crisis Systems and Services for the Behavioral Health and Recovery Division in King County, I was the Director of Crisis Services Services at Crisis Clinic. It was during my time at Crisis Clinic, 2009-2017, that I knew Bill. Bill was one of 4 consulting Psychiatrists for the King County psychiatric voluntary hospitalization program.

In our respective professional roles, I would have regular opportunities to meet with Bill, and the other psychiatrists, for case consultation and review. Through this work and connecting with Bill, it was always evident that Bill cared about people. He would express this through his skilled review of each and every case, being thoughtful to make good decisions in the psychiatric care of each person.

He was a strong advocate for wellness and recovery and would readily share his keen insights into the behavioral health system and resources. It is in this area that I was able to learn a lot from Bill. In my later years at Crisis Clinic, Bill became the lead Psychiatrist of the consulting group. This gave me even more of an opportunity to meet with Bill in order to connect on higher level program needs, issues and concerns.

During this time, Bill would often suggest we get together over lunch. It was always my pleasure to meet Bill at a restaurant of his choosing. Our lunch meetings continued to offer me great opportunities to learn from Bill.

I always revered him as a brilliant person for whom I have much admiration and respect.