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the ways he inspired us

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From Susanna F. Steiff Pinyuh

I miss Bill very much.

I met him early on when I came to Horizon House but can’t remember the year. When I saw his HH name tag, “Dr. Bill”, went up to him immediately: hello, my name is Susi, I like doctors, one grandfather, one father and two uncles were doctors! Bill responded with so much kindness and friendly interest! I felt he was someone I could talk to any time and I did. With other people it can be difficult to introduce oneself although I am getting used to it after lots of practice here. Very often Bill and I would chat in or outside of the library and in the Fireside Lounge. Later I was glad I met Lisette briefly a couple times while she was visiting Bill out on the Univ. Street benches.

Will never forget Bill!

Susi Pinyuh